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Types of Internal Door Locks

Door locks are very important for keeping your home safe and private. Still, there are so many kinds of Wooden door locks on the market that it can be hard to know which one to choose. Many people think about locks for outside doors when they think about door locks. But the locks on the inside of the doors are just as important.  Most of the time, internal door locks are made for privacy and ease of use, while external door locks are made with security in mind. The locks on exterior doors are harder to break than the locks on interior doors, and you usually need a set of keys to open them.

So, in this article, we will explain the different kinds of locks on the market and help you figure out which one you need for your internal doors.

Tubular latches

A tubular latch is a steel tube with a latch bolt that is held in place by a spring. It sits along the edge of the door. Sometimes a latch bolt is called a “tongue” because it is a triangular piece of metal that fits into the strike plate in the door frame. With a tubular latch, you can use the door handle or doorknob to open or close the door. When you turn the handle or doorknob, the spindle will turn to move the latch. When the spindle turns, the latch bolt moves back, so the door can be opened. Tubular latches have a spring mechanism that lets the latch bolt spring back into place. This “latches” the door and keeps it shut. Consult your local Locksmith York for these locks installation.

Mortice locks

Mortice locks are known for being strong and easy to use. Since they have several levers, they also give your home a good level of security. The mortice door locks are perfect for use in both homes and businesses. Mortice locks are more attractive than other types of locks because most of the lock is hidden inside the door. Because of this, mortise locks are used in a huge number of homes all over the world.

Mortice locks need a mortice to be cut into the edge of the door. This lets the lock sit flush against the door, hiding its mechanism and giving the door a clean look. Mortice locks are also great for Wooden Door Locks or doors with different thicknesses because they sit inside the door.

Rim lock

Rim locks are the oldest type of door lock. They have been around since the middle ages. Over time, rim locks have become both useful and beautiful pieces of design. Rim Locks are perfect for traditional homes because they are easy to install and give the home a vintage look. A rim lock is a surface-mounted box with a sash lock or deadbolt lock and a latch. This box is attached to the door’s surface. Rim Locks are great for doors that are too narrow for an internal locking system, like a Mortice Door Lock, because they attach to the door’s surface. Rim locks require repairs more often and you can call your local locksmith for door locks repair.

Door bolts

A door bolt is a simple, easy-to-use lock that is more about privacy than it is about security. There are different kinds, like straight bolts and cranked bolts, and they can work with other locks to make a room even more private. The metal case of our door bolts holds a solid bolt that is turned by a knob on the bolt. The catch plate is attached to the door frame. The bolt slides into the catch plate to lock the door. Door bolts are great for making bathrooms more private, securing an outdoor gate, or locking a room from only one side. The fact that you don’t need a key to open these locks is their main selling point, and it’s also why you’ll find them on many properties.

If you want to have internal wooden door locks installed in your house, contact the Locksmith York as they will guide you and install the locks best suited for your doors.

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