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Five Common Problems with Commercial Doors to Fix

The entrances to your building are the first line of defense for the safety of your business. The doors to your business need to be locked so that you and your employees are safe and only people who are supposed to be there can get in. Installing a good security system, also called an access control system, is a good first step, but you also need to keep your doors and security systems in good shape. Here are five common problems with commercial doors that you should fix y staying in touch with your local Locksmith Clifton.

Electrical problem

Electric hardware, like an electric strike, and electronic security systems are some of the best ways to control who can get into your building. However, they are useless if you have electrical problems, like broken wiring, power outages, or something even worse. We offer commercial doors repair services to help you figure out what’s wrong with your security system if it’s not working right. Look for a Locksmith Huntington who provides preventative maintenance services to make sure that your access control system doesn’t break down because of age.

Door Warpage

Over time, security systems and doors that are open to the elements could become warped, which could cause a lot of problems. Metal doors that are left out in the summer heat are a good example, as are wooden doors that get too much moisture. A badly warped door will need to be replaced, but regular maintenance can help keep your doors from getting so warped that they can’t be fixed.

Wear and tear

The most common type of commercial door repair may be caused by the wear and tear that comes from being used all the time. Since most people walk in and out of your building through the main entrance, this problem is likely to happen there the most. When a door gets a lot of use, the different parts can wear out quickly and need to be fixed more often.

Hooks and Turns

When it comes to parts, the hinges and pivots of your doors are the most important parts to keep an eye on. Pivots, hinges, and continuous hinges are what allow the door to open and close properly. Over time, use will cause them to wear down. When a door squeaks, it means that the hinges need to be fixed. Professional door repair services can replace worn-out pivots and hinges so that your doors work as well as they did when they were first installed. Call a Locksmith York to fix this problem for you.

Door Closer

The piece of hardware that controls how the door swings are called a door closer. It stops the door from opening too far (back check) and lets it close easily (sweep speed). A door closer’s latch speed must be set correctly so that the door will close without slamming. Some door closers can be fixed by making small changes, but sometimes the whole door closer needs to be changed. All of your security measures are useless if your doors don’t close properly. You might as well have a big hole in your building that anyone can walk through. Different things can cause this kind of problem, which can be hard to figure out on your own.

This can be caused by things like damage to your door, worn-out hinges, or broken locks, but one of the most common problems is with the door closing itself. A commercial locksmith like the Locksmith Clifton can test, adjust, or replace a door closer as needed. If the doors to your business don’t open and close properly, your employees’ safety and the security of the building are at risk. Contact Locksmith York for all your issues related to your commercial door.


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