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The Basics of Wooden Doors Locks You Don’t Want To Miss

There are many different styles, sizes, and shapes of wooden door locks. The features of each lock also vary based on what the lock is used for. You can always look for a reliable locksmith to guide you about the right lock for your lock, but it’s better to have some information beforehand. Have a look at the following information so you can be confident about your choosing the right door lock.

The mortise lock

The mortise lock is the most easily available and common type of door lock that is most preferable for wooden doors. It is the main door lock that is mostly used in flats and condos. For the mortise lock to work, a rectangular hole, or “mortise,” must be cut into the door so the lock can fit into it. On top of a mortise lock, there is often a sprung latch (the triangular portion that retracts). It is usually attached to a handle so that when you pull down on the handle, the latch goes back into place. The latch goes back into place when you let go of the handle. When the door is shut, this latch holds it in place.

The locking bolt is below the spring-loaded latch (the rectangular piece that protrudes). When the key is used to lock the door, the locking bolt sticks out to keep the door locked. Even if you pull down on the handle, the door won’t open because the locking bolt is still in place. Even though the mortise locks are often suitable for wooden door locks, you can still consider them for your uPVC door repair York. It’s better to ask your local locksmith to help you choose the right door lock.


A deadbolt is the most commonly used door lock for various door types. This lock works the same way as the mortise lock’s locking bolt. It is called a “dead” bolt because it does not work with springs. The only way to open the deadbolt is by hand, either with a key or a thumb turn from the inside. Since the deadbolt doesn’t have a spring, the door won’t automatically “catch” when you close it. When you lock the door, you have to hold it shut. So, even though the deadbolt can be used on its own, most people who have deadbolts on their main doors also install a separate handle/knob with a latch. This makes sure that the door stays shut even if you don’t lock it.

The mortise lock needs a rectangular pocket to be cut into the door. The deadbolt, on the other hand, needs two cylindrical holes (bored cylindrical mounting) to be cut into the door. This kind of lock is usually mounted on the door’s edge (rim mounting) instead of inside the door like a mortice lock. The door still needs to have a round hole cut in it so that the keyhole can be reached from the other side.

Lever Handle Locks

Lever handle locks are the most popular type of door locks for wooden doors. They are often suitable for interior doors of the house as they don’t provide a high level of security. Lever handle locks work with a spring-back mechanism like door knob locks, but instead of turning a knob to open the door, you have to push down on a lever. Aside from the lever, most doors have a thumb-turn knob on one side to lock them properly. A key can be used to open the door from the other side. On one or both sides, there may also be a keyhole instead of a thumb turn knob, depending on where the lock is being used.

Locks with lever handles are usually used on doors to rooms or bathrooms on the inside of a building. Smaller levers are used in many cupboards to do the same thing. If you have things like groceries or tools to bring into the room, you can easily open a door with a lever with one hand. It’s popular because of its ease of use and the aesthetics of the wooden doors.

Installation of Door Locks

For any type of installation of door locks or door locks repair, you should reach out to your local locksmith. It’s better to get expert assistance instead of trying to fix things on your own. A professional locksmith will not only guide you but will offer you the required locksmith services as well. The Locksmith York is a great option when it comes to the repair of wooden door locks or uPVC door locks. Locksmith York is known to provide the highest quality locksmith services that are friendly, affordable, and flawless. If you live in York, you can easily benefit from their professional locksmith services. Just give them a call and get the required services in the least possible time.



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