Composite Doors

Problems people face with Composite Door Locks

Composite doors are a mixture of a wooden core paired with a strengthening material that surrounds it. Composite doors are much safer than UPVC doors as they are more long-lasting and stronger. The strengthening material, such as UPVC, laminate, or glass-reinforced plastic.

Problems people face with Composite Door Locks

Having door locks problems when burglary is at its peak or is generally very dangerous. It’s very important to fix broken or damaged door locks to be safe. If your composite door locks are at fault or are not serving their actual purpose, you need to fix them before it gets too late. People usually have complications with composite door locks which are very common. In such cases, Locksmith York is there to assist you. Four of the most common problems are listed below.

A fault in the Mechanism

A fault in the mechanism means having a problem while opening or closing the door. Having trouble opening and closing the door properly keeps your security at stake. The locks need to be repaired as soon as possible.

Distorted Door

Composite doors warp very rarely, and when they do, it is because of the door lock. The composite door that is warped is not only unsafe for you but also consumes your home energy by giving out heat.

The door has Dropped

Dropped doors generally mean misalignment of all the locking points, which leads to trouble opening and closing the door. This problem happens to both composite and UPVC doors.

Fault in the euro Cylinder

Problems with the euro cylinder or key mechanism occur when your door is very old. A problem caused by the euro cylinder can make locking the door next to impossible.

How to avoid composite door lock problems in the future?


Avoid putting extra pressure on the composite door lock

When you close the door, make sure you keep the handle up so that all the locking points in the entire composite door engage. Doing this will make sure that there is no extra pressure on the door lock, and it will also prevent the door from warping.

Maintain the door

Servicing your composite door every 6 months is required to make sure it functions properly. Maintenance is important as it makes sure that your security is not compromised and that the mechanism of the door also works smoothly. You can use lubricant on the door or door lock, such as graphite powder.

Call a locksmith when the door gives you a hard time

When you have trouble opening or closing the composite door, it’s time to call a locksmith like Locksmith York to fix the problem. Composite doors that are fully maintained and work properly are easy to use, but sometimes they give you a hard time too. You can contact locksmith York for a locksmith to get composite door locks services.

Why is there a need to slam the composite door?

There are a few reasons behind this. The main reason is the misalignment. Sometimes the hinges or the strike plates and latch may not be aligned properly. The misalignment can happen because the door is dropped. Aligning the door can fix this problem. To align the door properly and to avoid any more slamming or future problems, you can always call a locksmith to get the best service so that you can live safely.

Any problem with the composite door or the composite door lock can be fixed by a professional locksmith. You can find the right locksmith to help you fix your problem and ensure your safety at Locksmith York. No compromises can be made when it comes to your security, which is why our locksmiths are highly trained and skilled to help you out.

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