Security of Your uPVC Door

Effective Tips for Increasing the Security of Your uPVC Door

One of the most frequently asked questions every professional locksmith gets is, “How can I make my uPVC door lock more secure?” Five strategies to increase the security of your door without breaking the bank are provided in this article. The following security enhancements and lock upgrades are recommended to keep your uPVC door lock more secure:

Anti-Snap lock

Adding an anti-snap or snap-secure lock to your uPVC door is the best way to increase the security of your door. There are numerous benefits to using an anti-snap lock instead of a regular euro-cylinder lock, including:

  • Superior to standard euro cylinder locks in terms of security.
  • Tested for lock snapping and bumping resistance.
  • As an anti-pick, it is impossible to open.

Pricing for a Snap-Lock Detector

The average cost of an anti-snap lock for supplies is just around £50, whereas the cost to install an anti-snap lock is around $110.

The door handle

To enhance the security of your door, it is a good idea to add an extra uPVC door handle, such as one that is TS007-2-Star or Police Approved.

How a Handle Can Boost the Security of Your Front Door

High-security handles cover the euro cylinder and have been tested against burglar attacks. They are also typically twice as thick as standard handles, further enhancing the security of your uPVC Door Lock.

UPVC door handle’s cost

The price of a high-security uPVC door handle starts at £40, but due to the wide variety of sizes and types, we always recommend having a professional locksmith supply and install it.

Sash Jammers

Professional installation of sash jammers may greatly enhance the security of any uPVC door at a low cost. If the door lock is damaged or opened, sash jammers prevent the door from opening. In addition to locking and non-locking models, sash jammers can be installed on French doors and uPVC windows.

Cost of a Sash Jammer

You’ll need two uPVC front door sash jammers, which start at around £10 each. The cost of a sash jammer that locks from the outside is slightly higher, but it provides greater security. It’s still a good idea, though, to talk to your local expert Locksmith York about the supply and installation of these devices.

Hinge Bolts/Dog Bolts

Any outward-opening uPVC door can benefit from the addition of hinge bolts, often known as “Dog Bolts.” Hinge bolts keep the door from being yanked open when it is closed and secured. A fourth of the door’s height from the top and bottom of the door should be used for hinge bolts on all outward-opening doors, but not within 150 mm of the top or bottom hinges.

Cost of a Hinge Bolt

Hinge bolts will be available for as little as £10 for a set of two when purchased exclusively from the manufacturer.

The door chain

Door chains for uPVC Door Lock are readily available everywhere. It is possible to check who is at the entrance before allowing them to enter through the door chain. Using a door chain is not the only way to secure uPVC door; nonetheless, it should always be an option.

Cost of a Door Chain

A door chain for an uPVC door can be purchased for as little as £20. In a nutshell, you can easily upgrade your uPVC door’s lock and handle standards, making it more secure in the process. Sash jammers, door chains, and hinge bolts can also be used as additional security measures.

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